At PenKarate we practise one of the four main styles of Karate known as "Shito Ryu". This is a traditional style of Japanese Karate that has a long heritage going back to the 1800's

Unlike the many new clubs that have sprung up over recent years, PenKarate is not a money making business - It is a place to learn and train in a pure form of Karate. Students come here to master the techniques, not just to collect different coloured belts.

Training is every Thursday night at the Penmaenmawr Community Center, 7pm for Cadets and 8:15pm for Adults. We train in bare feet and, at first, it is acceptable to wear loose clothing, (without zips or buttons as these can cause injury), until you decide to buy a Gi (Karate uniform). There are no binding contracts or monthly direct debits - just pay as you go.

The first lesson is free - so you have nothing to lose and so much to gain.