Training covers the three main areas of Karate - Basics (Kihon), Forms (Kata) and Sparring (Kumite). All three are given equal importance, and at all times we are reminded that Karate is performed with the whole body.
Basics, or Kihon, are the building blocks of Karate and are practised as individual moves. These moves are then combined to produce "fighting combinations". As well as providing the student with a good basic knowledge, the development of the fighting combinations act as a bridge between Kata and Kumite, helping the student to bring techniques mastered using Kata into their sparring.
Kata are balanced forms of various techniques combined into an intricate movement. They are used to train the body to move and react without hesitation, and to make those movements using minimum effort and maximum effect.
There is no point in learning to drive a car and then travelling by bus. Sparring is where students have the chance to put into practise what they have learnt. Sparring takes two forms - one step sparring (Ipon Kumite) and free sparring (Jiyu Kumite). Students learn to respect their opponents in both victory and defeat, and to control their aggression.